Your opinion matters. That's why we listen to what you have to say and reward you for your time! The Furry Club Community is all about sharing with others – your behaviors, insights, thoughts, and ideas.

You earn Furry Club Points for all activities you participate in – here's how you'll receive Furry Club Points:

  • Participate in our short weekly surveys – earn points for every survey you complete
  • Participate in open discussions or those you are invited to – earn points for taking part
  • Participate in any mobile missions (trips to pet related places) you are invited to – we'll let you know the amount of points in our invitation
  • If you are selected to participate, download our Toluna App on 2 devices – and we'll reward you for installing it and keeping it active
  • You may also be invited to participate in our private discussions - you'll have an opportunity to earn $30 for participating.
  • Your Toluna Furry Club points will be exchanged for Tango gift cards!

We are rewarding each and every one of you for your time – it is that simple.